Sunday, 22 March 2020

Telangana State Lock Down Operational Guidelines

Telangana Lock Down announced by the Honble KCR, CM of Telangana has announced Telangana Lock Down in Telangana State, He announced that only emergency services will be made available in Telangana State

In view of the above, all the Heads of Departments functioning under the Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department and the Commissioners of Municipal Corporations in the State and CDMA (for ULBs other than corporations) are hereby directed to ensure communication of the same to all their sub-offices & sensitize and
orient their functionaries for scrupulous adherence of the same in letter and spirit.

For operational clarity, the following detailed instructions have been hereby given to the

HODs concerned:

I. Within your own office

Arrange hand sanitizers / hand washing facilities at the entrance;

Strictly restrict the entry of visitors to their offices and their sub offices and instead, indicate a contact number/email id wherein queries can be attended online;

Affix a banner prohibiting the entry of visitors till 31.03.2020 and publicize the

Office Contact number for enquiries

In case of any time bound / essential services, decentralize their delivery to the extent possible, so that there is no public gathering at any collection / distribution centre, endangering the public health

Maintain social distance norms even among the staff

Painting of foot marks at a distance of 5 feet from each other at all service delivery / collection counters

Provide duty chart / work schedule till 31.03.2020 to the staff working in offices as well as those working in the field, by keeping only as minimum as possible on duty

Ensure payment of wages and salaries to all staff by 1st of April 2020 without any delay; No attendance shall be insisted for the payment of salary for any regular or outsourced personnel during the lockdown period; If there is any dereliction of duties, separate action can be taken against the concerned

Follow the guidelines of the General Administration Department for functioning of public offices vide their Circular Memo  No.2117/GAD/2020, Dated 23.03.2020. 


The HMRL shall closedown the operation of Hyderabad Metro train services;

The HMRL shall prevent access of Metro Stations to any visitors;

The HMRL shall closedown the Commercial activity in the Metro Stations and Malls attached to Metro Stations

The HMRL shall ensure proper sanitation around all their precincts


The MD, HMWSSB shall ensure regular level of services in respect of water and sewerage facilities to the Citizens without any hinderance;

IV. The Commissioner, GHMC Control Room & Grievance Redressal

Establish a Control Room with representation from all Line Departments – Police / Revenue / Fire / Electricity / Water Supply / Legal Metrology / Excise, etc., to receive grievances and monitor the situation

Publicize the Control Room Contact Number to make it a reliable and first point of contact for citizens;

Make shift-wise arrangements for functioning of the Control Room on 24 X 7 basis

Make use of Social Media – Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp for wider and instant accessibility;

Keep record of complaints received and grievances redressed; and Ensure Zero response time for the redressal of grievances

Sanitation & Public Health

The Commissioner, GHMC shall give topmost priority to the maintenance of sanitation and Public Health

All the Zonal Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners shall make all necessary measures to keep the city environs neat and tidy including hiring of additional vehicles and infrastructure, if necessary;

Make contingency plans for proper upkeep of the city including house to house collection of garbage, garbage lifting and transportation;

Ensure proper sanitation at vegetable markets, weekly markets, chicken and meat shops, milk booths, etc., which will function as essential services;

Places such as Notified slums / inhabited by poor and vulnerable sections of the people or the localities where migrant labour like construction workers are residing shall be given high priority in ensuring proper sanitation and more particularly ensuring that movement of food and essential supplies are not blocked to these areas.

Closure of all Parks and other such places of public congregation

GHMC shall ensure closure of all parks and other such places of public congregation with immediate effect.


The Transport Department shall ensure that no private transport operators like Uber / Ola, Auto Rickshaws etc., shall be allowed to ply on the roads, except for transport of passengers for accessing emergency medical services

No more than one person shall be allowed to move on a two wheeler and not more than two persons on a four wheeler 

Quarantine enforcement

Constitute Zone / Circle / Ward surveillance teams;

Keep the database of persons with the history of foreign travel including foreign national, based on the list given by the HM&FW Department / Police / Customs Department, along with the details of their homes / location for quarantine;

Surveillance visit to each and every individual on home isolation / quarantine from the Day 1 to 14;

Maintain daily records of observation against each individual;

In case of non-observance of quarantine protocol, shift the individual to the Government quarantine facility; and

Take penal actions on violators including filing of criminal cases;

Social distancing norms

Ensure the social distancing norm of 5 feet between individuals at all public places

Ensure strict closure of Public Parks / Stadia / Swimming Pools, etc., for regular activities as well as for social usage like morning walks, etc.,

Allow residents on to public roads, only for accessing any emergency facility; In such cases also, only one resident is allowed and no accompany even from the family members also allowed;

Not to allow any congregation of more than 5 persons at any place; and

Violation of Social Distancing norms at business establishments during the Lockdown period is punishable under Sections 188, 269 & 270 of IPC;

Religious places

Restriction on congregation of people is also applicable in religious places like temple / Mosques / Churches / Gurudwaras and at all such holy shrines;

The religious shrines can continue with their usual rituals or religious ceremonies, however subject to the restrictions of “Public Congregation” and “Social Distance norms”;

It is the responsibility of the Management Committee of the religious place concerned to ensure that there is no mass gathering, i.e., more than 5 persons at a time as well as there is strict observance of “Social Distance” protocol among the persons within their precincts;

Shops & Establishments

All non-essential services goods and services shall be closed

Only shops and establishments providing essential goods and services as specified in Para 9 of G.O. Ms. No.45 (Lockdown Order) will be allowed to function;

 None of these permitted Shops and Establishments, except hospitals and
pharmacies shall be permitted to operate after 06.30 PM;

The concerned entities shall paint footmarks on the floor at a distance of 5 feet to indicate locations where customers shall be required to queue up at the Counter;

The abovementioned marks can be made inside the premises of the establishment or even outside on footpaths, etc. in case of constraint of space;

The proprietor / management of the establishment shall be responsible for seeing that people who queue up at the Counters stand on these marks thereby ensuring the practice of social distancing;

Hotels and Restaurants 

All Hotels and restaurants shall be functional only for sale of food items across the counter for take-away / home delivery, and not for in-situ consumption;

Only a kiosk / counter shall function to take orders and deliver the food;

The proprietor / management of the establishment shall provide hand sanitizers / hand washing facilities;

The establishments are not allowed to work after 06.30 PM

The proprietor / management shall allow only one person per order;

The proprietor / management shall ensure no congregation of customers at any point of time;

In case of necessity, the existing seating facility shall be utilized for seating of customers while waiting for their food order and in such cases also a social distance norm of 5 feet shall be maintained;

All the Social Distance norms including painting of footmarks on the floor at a distance of 5 feet between each customer as prescribed in the case of shops and establishments, shall equally applicable for Hotels and Restaurants and the proprietor / management is solely responsible for arrangement of the same as well as for its strict adherence by their customers;

The proprietor / management of the establishment shall ensure that people do not gather in groups inside the premises; and 

The proprietor / management of the establishment shall ensure proper sanitation at the outlets; Rs.5/- Annapurna Food Centres

Continue the functioning of Rs.5/- Annapurna Meal kiosks, as they are essential and critical in this period;

Make special sanitation arrangement including immediate lifting of garbage at these centres. Enforcement of regulations and penalization of violations

The Director of Vigilance, Enforcement & Disaster Management, GHMC shall enforce the regulation of all guidelines under this GO and all GOs as mentioned in the reference cited above and all such guidelines / orders as issued in this regard within the jurisdiction of GHMC during this period of lockdown and penalize the violators;

The penal provions shall include closure of establishment /institution / organization and filing of appropriate criminal case against the persons / individuals under relevant laws / Indian Penal Code 1860 / Epidemic Diseases Act 1897 / The Disaster Management Act 2005;

Mass spraying of disinfectants shall be undertaken in all public places esp in thickly congested localities / slums and other such areas.

V. The Commissioner, HMDA

Ensure strict closure of Public Parks / Stadia / Swimming Pools, etc., for regular activities as well as for social usage like morning walks, etc., 

VI. The Engineer-in-Chief

The Engineer-in-Chief (PH) shall ensure regular level of services in respect of water and sewerage facilities to the Citizens in all ULBs in the State, except GHMC;

Ensure that the PH Engineering Department works in tandem with the ULBs concerned to ensure this

VII. The Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Communicate the instructions and ensure adherence of regulations notified by the Government by all the ULBs in the State, except GHMC;

Instruct all the Municipal Commissioners in the State, except GHMC, to maintain essential civic services especially sanitation, drinking water supply and sewerage disposal in the ULBs without any hindrance to their citizens;

Ensure that no Municipal Commissioner is on leave or absent from the Headquarters without prior consent of the Competent Authority;

Ensure all instructions specified to the Commissioner, GHMC at (IV) above shall be communicated to all ULBs for information as well as for strict compliance in enforcing the Lockdown regulations in their respective ULBs 

5. All the HoDs under the administrative control of Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department shall take necessary action accordingly.

Telengana lock down with following:

1. Free ration to all poors with 1500/month amount as well
2. All labour and private/contract employees should get salary from employer as per 1987 act
3. All public transport including trains, busses, cabs and autos etc will be closed and not operational 
4. All medical and other mandotory services will be 100% operational.
5. Only 20% employees of govt will work on rotational basis
6. Shops, medical shops and emergency services will be as usual.
Telangana State Lock Down

7. Petrol bunks, gas etc will be available.
8. All routes from other states are closed

9. Air traffic to hyderabad is closed
10. Only one from family is allowed outside. Rest everyone should be permitted to retain at home only
11. Goods transport will be available
12. Everyone should get 2-3 days of essential commodities for one outside visit.
13. All wine shops, bars and pubs are closed
14. All IT employees should be WFH

15. ALL constructions are stopped.
16. More than 5 people should not meet.
17. Curphew will be there till 31st March with above conditions

Government has issued Go No 45 Dt: 22-03-2020 with the following guidelines

Whereas the State Government is satisfied that the State of Telangana is threatened with the spread of Covid-19, which has already been declared as a pandemic by World Health Organization, and it is therefore necessary to take certain further emergency measures to prevent and contain the spread of virus. The Government in exercise of the powers conferred under Section 2 of the The Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897, read with all other enabling provisions of the The Disaster Management Act, 2005, hereby notify lockdown in the entire State of Telangana with immediate effect till 31st March, 2020, prescribing the following regulations and measures during the said period:

1. All state borders shall be sealed other than for movement of essential and perishable commodities.

2. All public transport services including TSRTC buses, SETWIN, Hyderabad Metro, taxis, auto-rickshaws etc. will not be permitted. However, transport of passengers for accessing emergency medical services shall be permitted. Plying of private vehicles shall be restricted only to the extent of procuring essential commodities and activities permitted under this order.

3. Operation of all interstate bus and transport services including those by private operators shall stand suspended.

4. Every person who is required to observe home quarantine shall strictly observe the same failing which he/she will be liable for penal action and shifted to government quarantine.

5. Residents shall stay at home and come out only for permitted activities while strictly observing social distancing norms. In any case not more than one person will be permitted excluding the person driving the vehicle.

6. Any congregation of more than 5 persons in public places is prohibited.

7. All shops, commercial establishments, offices, factories, workshops, godowns etc. shall close their operations. However, production and manufacturing units which require continuous process such as pharmaceuticals, API etc. may function. Further, manufacturing units engaged in production of essential commodities like dal and rice mills, food and related units, dairy units, feed and fodder units etc. will also be permitted to operate.

8. Government offices, shops and establishments permitted to operate during this period shall take steps to ensure social distancing such as through painting of foot marks at distances of 3 feet from each other near check out counters. They shall also ensure proper sanitation in their premises and ensure availability  of hand sanitizers/hand washing facilities.

The following shops/establishments providing essential goods and services shall be excluded from the above restrictions:
a) Banks/ATMs and related activities.
b) Print and electronic media
c) IT and ITeS, including telecom, postal and internet Services
d) Supply chain and transport of essential commodities
e) E-Commerce (delivery) of essential goods including food, pharmaceutical and medical equipment
f) Sale of food items, groceries, milk, bread, fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish and their transportation and warehousing activities
g) Take-away/ home delivery at restaurants
h) Hospitals, optical stores, diagnostic centres, pharmaceuticals manufacturing and their transportation
i) Petrol pumps, LPG gas, oil agencies, their godowns and their related transport operations.
j) All security services including those provided by private agencies.
k) Private establishments that support the provisioning of essential services or the efforts for containment of COVID-19
l) Airports and related services

The following Departments/Offices of the State Government shall
be fully functional: -
a) District Collectorate/Divisional offices/Mandal Offices
b) Police
c) Health
d) Urban Local Bodies/Panchayatraj institutions
e) Fire
f) Taxation, Excise, Commercial Tax, Transport, Stamps and Registration
g) Electricity and water supply
h) Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Agricultural Marketing
i) Civil Supplies
j) Regulatory departments like Pollution Control Board, Legal Metrology, Drug Control Administration etc
k) All Central Government departments related to the above.

11. For the functioning of other Government offices separate order will be issued by the Chief Secretary.

12. In view of the hardships due to lockdown, all 87.59 lakhs food security cardholders in the state would be given 12 kg of rice per person amounting 3.58 lakh tonnes at a cost of Rs 1103 Crores.

13. Further all food security card holding families would be given an one time support of Rs.1500/- to meet the expenditure on other essential commodities such as dal, vegetables and salt etc. at an estimated cost of Rs.1314 Crores.

14. All the Government as well as private establishments shall make payments of wages/salaries fully to the workers/employees including those working under contract and outsourcing basis during the lockdown period. Any violation will be viewed seriously

and will invite penal action under The Epidemics Disease Act 1897. 

15. During the lockdown period, steps will be taken to ensure that there is no disruption in the supply of essential commodities to the people.

16. All Educational institutions and education department activities including spot valuation will be closed till 31st March 2020. All examinations scheduled during this period stand postponed.

17. All Anganwadi Centres shall remain closed till 31st March 2020. Children and pregnant women/lactating mothers will be provided take home ration during this period.

18. All pregnant women who are expected to deliver during the months of March – April 2020 will be listed, monitored and assisted by Medical staff to ensure institutional delivery.

19. All elective surgeries shall be re-scheduled in all private and Government hospitals to enhance the availability of health care facilities to COVID-19 patients.

20. All the Government departments shall take definite measures to ensure that people do not gather or accumulate in large numbers. For example, paddy procurement shall be decentralized to village /gram panchayat level, by opening more procurement centres, by

engaging IKP Groups, PACS and Agricultural Marketing Committees. The arrival of paddy to procurement centre shall be regulated by issuing time slot coupons.

22. Any person, institution , organization violating any provision of these regulations shall be dealt under the provisions of The Epidemics Diseases Act 1897, The Disaster Management Act 2005, regulations issued vide Ref 5th cited and other relevant Acts.

23. No suit or legal proceedings shall lie against any person for anything done or intended to be done in good faith under these regulations.


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