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Death Disability claim process for SBI SGPS account holders

Death Disability claim process for SBI SGPS(State Government Salary Package) account holders is given by the SBI bank in detailed with related forms. The Claim for death of SGSP account holder can be processed easily by following the procedure mentioned by the bank and by submitting the documents forms meant for it.

With a view of simplify and streamline the salary disbursement procedure and also make available certain facilities and services free of cost to permanent State Government Employees who operating their salary accounts with SBI.

To operationalize the salary package, the bank has converted the accounts of Government Employees to SGSP accounts by receiving the an request in the form of written application. 

The Accounts holders who converted their bank accounts in to SGSP accounts can avail special facilities and services with free of cost.

Know more features about the SGSP Salary Accounts(State Government Salary Package) Here

Zero balance account and free unlimited transactions across ATMs of any Bank. Also comes bundled with SBI Credit Card.
Complimentary Personal Accident Insurance (Death) cover up to Rs. 20 Lakhs.
Complimentary Air Accident Insurance (Death) cover up to Rs. 30 Lakhs.
Avail of Personal Loans, Home Loans, Car Loans and Education Loans at attractive rates and upto 50% off on processing fees.
Upto 25% off on locker charges
Avail of Auto-Sweep to create e-MODs (Multi Option Deposits) and earn higher interest.
Avail of Demat & Online Trading A/c at the time of on-boarding itself.
Free issuance of Drafts, Multi City Cheques, SMS Alerts. Free online NEFT/RTGS.
Overdraft equivalent to 2 Months Net Salary (Currently available for select customers only)

Read How to convert your savings accoutn in to State Government Salary Package Account and its benefits

Free Personal Accident Insurance (Death) Cover (PAI) With Add-On Covers and Air Accident Insurance (Death) Cover (AAI) For Salary Package Accounts:2018

Insurance Provider: IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company Ltd (ITGICL)

Period of Insurance: 04.01.2018 to 03.01.2019

PAI Policy Number: 51964755

Free Personal Accident Insurance (Death) Cover (PAI) With Add-On Covers, Air Accident Insurance (Death) Cover (AAI)* and Disability Cover For Salary Package Accounts:2019

Insurance Provider: United India Insurance Company Ltd.

Period of Insurance: 04.01.2019 to 03.01.2020

PAI Policy Number: 1203004218P113494902

Free Personal Accident Insurance (Death) Cover (PAI)* With Add-On Covers, Air Accident Insurance (Death) Cover (AAI)* and Disability Cover* for Salary Package Accounts:2020

Insurance Provider: United India Insurance Company Ltd.

Period of Insurance: 04.01.2020 to 03.01.2021

PAI Policy Number: 1203004219P114083561

The PAI (Death) Cover will be available ONLY in case of death due to an accident.

The PAI (Death) Cover will be available ONLY to Salary Package Accounts where at least 2 month’s salary is credited to the account preceding the date of the incident.

The policy will be for existing as well as new Salary Package Account holders opened under respective customer types/ product codes.

Only Primary Account Holders of Salary Package accounts (Account holder for whom the salary is being credited) are covered.

In case of multiple accounts related to a single CIF, ONLY ONE account where salary is credited will be taken into consideration.

Death in Terrorist/ Naxalite action is included. 

The claim process consists of 2 stages:

(a) Intimation of the Death to UIIC
(b) Submission of the Claim Form & other documents to United India Insurance Company

In the event of death of the Salary Package account holder, an intimation as per Annexure 4 is to be given by the claimant to United India Insurance Company within 90 days of the death. The timely claim intimation of death is mandatory and to be sent to the following address: 

United India Insurance Co. Ltd
Divisional Office–XI, Maker Bhavan No.1,1st floor, Sir V.T. Marg,
Mumbai – 400020.
Fax No.: 022-22624579
Land Line Number- 022- 22624525/22624818
Death Disability claim process for SBI SGPS account holders

The intimation can also be given through the following channels:

(Applicable both in case of Death and Disability)
(a) Fax No. 022 – 22624579 (As per Annexure 4) or
(b) Email ID: (As per Annexure 4) 

The following details are to be provided in case of death of SGSP Account holder:

Name of the deceased Salary Package Account Holder
SBI Salary Package Account No.
Date of Accident
Date of Death
Details of accident
Name of the Claimant, their Mobile No. and Email ID
Name of the SBI Branch and their Code No.
Name of the organization in case of DSP / PMSP / ICGSP (Army / Air Force / Navy / Indian Coast Guard/ Assam Rifle / Rashtriya Rifle / BRO (GREF) / BSF / CRPF / CISF / ITBP/ SSB / NSG)
Personal/ Force number (for DSP, PMSP account holders)
Place of accident

Immediately on registering the claim as mentioned above, a system generated
reference number would be advised to the claimants by United India Insurance Company.
The claimant shall submit the following claim documents to UIIC Mumbai Office(Address mentioned under Para-2 above), within 90 days after intimation of death:

Documents to be submitted for Death Claim of SGSP Account Holder:

Completely filled Claim Form duly signed by the claimant, as per Annexure 5.
Attested copy of Police F.I.R (For Armed forces: Defence Authority report in case FIR is not available)
Attested copy of Post Mortem Report.
Attested copy of Death Certificate.
Branch Manager Certificate on Bank letter head, as per Annexure 6.
PAN card copy of the Claimant. If not available, then Form 60 to be submitted.
Original Cancelled Cheque of Bank Account in the Name of the Claimant / or Photocopy of the first page of the Bank Passbook containing the Name of Account Holder, Bank Account Number, IFSC Code.
NEFT form of claimant as per Annexure 7, certified by claimant’s Bank, for
the purpose of payment in respect of settlement of claim.
Other suitable documents to prove legal heirship in case claimant is not a nominee/ joint account holder as per Bank’s record. In case of multiple heirs, consent form.
For Air Accident: Bank statement indicating purchase of Air ticket using SBI
Debit card/ Internet Banking.
Viscera Report/chemical analysis report in case where post mortem report shows the cause of death is poisoning or alcohol or any substance abuse.
Aadhar Card of the claimant. 

Documents to be submitted for Disability Claims for SGSP Account holders:

intimation as per Annexure 4
Claim form as per annexure 9
Medical Certificate as per annexure 10
Branch Crtificate as per annexure 11

However, in case, the claim application is received by the SBI Bank Branch having the Salary Account, it shall be forwarded to UIIC Mumbai Office
(Address in Para 2) along with a detailed covering letter.
The total period for intimation and claim submission is 180 days 
maximum i.e. period for intimation + claim submission = 90 + 90 = 180
maximum (from date of death).


On receipt of complete set of documents, UIIC will process the claim. Any further requirement/ deficiencies in the documents submitted shall be sought by UIIC within 10 working days of receipt of the claim.
All the documents being in order, UIIC will settle the claim within 15 working days from the date of receipt.
All the correspondences related to claim will be directly taken up by UIIC with the claimant. Branch can be a facilitator.
All the settlement/ disputes will be between the claimant and United India Insurance Company.
United India Insurance Company will settle claims independently and the claim settlement will be entirely the responsibility of United India Insurance Company. Bank will have no liability towards any claim/ dispute between the claimant and United India Insurance Company.
In case of any delay UIIC shall pay interest as per IRDA Norms.
Download Claim Information PDF Annexure 4

Download Claim form PDF Annexure 5

Download Branch Certificate PDF Annexure 6

Download Disability claim form PDF Annexures 4 9 10 11

Download NEFT Details Form


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